Easter bunny ear cupcakes!

marshmallow ear bunny cupcakes
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Here’s my final Easter recipe for 2016. Every year, our very sweet elderly neighbors all leave chocolates outside our door for my boys. They do this at Christmas too, and Halloween, and my boys just figure it’s their natural tribute. They live in a world where mysterious elderly people who they don’t otherwise see leave chocolate for them, because they are simply adorable. One day, they’ll move out of this building and figure out it’s not quite true, but meanwhile, our neighbors are lovely people.

So every year, I whip up a batch of some kind of cookies or cakes to give each of the neighbors on our floor. I don’t really know these people, so I don’t know if they can eat sugar, whether they like sweet things, or whether they’re secretly trying to get rid of all their chocolate by giving it to the boys, but either way, I feel I have to do something, and it seems silly to just buy them the same kinds of chocolate they’re buying for us!

Bunny cupcakes in Easter basket
Ready to wrap and deliver.

This year, I’ve been seeing these cute bunny ear cupcakes around on Pinterest and all over the place, so I decided to give it a go. The cupcakes are just standard vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream frosting. Then the ears are made out of regular marshmallows, cut in half on the diagonal, and dipped in pink crystal sugar sprinkles. We used some love hearts in pink for the eyes and in white for the nose.

Once again, my piping skills are terrible, but it’s because I discovered I don’t have a large round piping tip – the only large tip I could find was a star, which wasn’t quite the thing, so I piped them on with just the paper piping bag. So, you know, not store-quality look. But I figure it’s better that the neighbors know they are homemade.

Difficulty: Low for the ears – just cut and dip.

Kid-friendly?: To make, and to eat. My son helped to cut the marshmallows up and to decorate the cupcakes.
Roadtest verdict: A cute homemade Easter idea.

Marshmallow bunny ear cupcakes
Inspiration: Where haven’t we seen these? But I referred mostly to Your Cup of Cake’s instructions.
Serves: We made 18, since that was a standard cupcake recipe.

Pink sprinkles


  • Pour some sprinkles into a shallow dish.
  • Cut the marshmallows in half on the diagonal.
  • Dip the sticky bits of the cut marshmallows in the sprinkles, and these are the inside pink bits of the ears.
  • Stick on cupcake frosting.

bunny cupcakeAny cupcake recipe would do. I used a vanilla cupcake recipe, and my standard buttercream frosting.

bunny ear marshmallows on cupcakesbunny ear cupcakes with marshmallow earsbunny cupcakes with marshmallow ears

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