Cookie monster cupcakes!

How cute is this little guy?

For fun on the weekend we made blue velvet cupcakes, mostly to use up some buttermilk that was leftover after making our own ceasar salad dressing. For the record – both great ways to use buttermilk, and a complete first for me.

I’ve never really understood the red velvet fuss – after all, it’s not a natural coloring, anyone can make a red cake. But now that I’ve tasted it, it’s all about the silky, moist buttermilk flavor. Next time, I would make it without any food coloring (because you don’t even want to know what else that amount of food coloring is going to color after you’ve eaten it, let’s just say). There’s no need for it.

I made a chocolate buttercream icing, by pouring some melted blue chocolate melts into my regular butter frosting – this gave it a great texture and flavor, which wasn’t quite as sweet as regular butter frosting, but still was more to the taste of my kids than a cream cheese frosting would have been.

Lastly, I rolled them in a blue sprinkles mix, added the candy eyeballs, and gave them all a little bit of cookie to munch on. They would have looked great with mini choc chip cookies, but on the fly all we had was square chocolate Liebnitz.

Cookie monster cupcake

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