7 ways to celebrate strawberry season…

Strawberry season still has a few weeks left in it, but I’ve already noticed that the fresh berries picked from the strawberry farms and then sold around Berlin are starting to sell out earlier each day. There are still plenty of other berries left, of course, but I’ll miss those bright red strawberry shaped vans once they go…

But there’s still time left, and if you’re not simply just eating them straight from the basket, here’s a round-up of some of the fantastic things we made with strawberries this summer!

strawberries and vanilla mascarponeStrawberries in orange syrup, served on a gorgeous bed of vanilla mascarpone cream. This was one of my favorite ways to dress up the berries. It was really delicious, a little sophisticated, but it let the perfect shape and color of the berries really speak for itself!

Strawberries on yogurt in cardamom syrupStrawberries in cardamom syrup. This was another easy way to make strawberries feel a little more adult. The earthy cardamom syrup let the natural flavors of the strawberries come through. We just put it on plain yogurt, and let the flavors take over.

Individual strawberry tiramisu in glasses

Strawberry tiramisu – perfect summer dessert for berry season. There’s a kid-friendly version in here too, with no alcohol, or the alcoholic version with sherry. I made these without raw eggs too, since I can’t bring myself to risk raw eggs these days.

Lemon and berry flan on the tea table.

These lemon curd flans have more than just strawberries, they have a berry medley in them, but the lemon curd is the perfect match for sweet berries!

The other thing we did with strawberries this year was drinks! Alcoholic and non, these were all really great!

strawberry syrupThis rich ruby strawberry syrup took some time to make, but them it was the perfect summer cordial for the kids. We mixed is with lemonade, and we drank it with sparkling water. And the grown ups put it in a whole range of cocktails!

Like this strawberry gin fizz

strawberry gin fizzcocktail close up of strawberry gin fizz…and this strawberry lime champagne cocktail!

strawberry lime champagne cocktailWhat are your favorite strawberry recipes? Let us know in the comments section, or send us a recipe to roadtest!



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